About Us


Are you wanting to accomplish a celebrity look?  Jayda Ray Cosmetics is here to help you achieve it with our amazing quality Lashes Extensions and natural care products. We believe that beauty is essential for every man and woman and throughout the history of eyelashes, extensions have been a way to express style, creativity, lifestyle and enhance natural beauty.

 Here at Jayda Ray Cosmetics s we are committed to bringing you fabulous, high-quality Eyelash extensions with the ease of online shopping. Our online shopping method was developed to meet the needs of our clients 24/7,365 days a year. We understand that our clients live very busy lives and we not only offer the best customer service experience in the industry, we also provide an informative space for clients to gain knowledge about the difference between different eyelash Extensions.  As the eyelash extension industry continues to grow Jayda Ray Cosmetics  is constantly evolving and providing authentic Eyelashes. Our view of customer service is simple.

 We want you to have a positive and memorable experience with each click, each order, and most of all each receipt of your Lashes extensions. We strive to make your visit and business with us professional and personal; providing personalized email responses as well as live customer support. We’re always eager to hear your feedback, and we look forward to setting the bar for the ultimate online shopping experience. Feel free to contact us as we look forward to hearing from you. Stay fabulous. Feel beautiful, and Be Blessed. Our goal is to make the Lashes of your dreams, your reality